about us

We've all spent a lot of time in our own four walls during the pandemic and so we came up with the idea that there are far too many purely functional products that do not enrich our lives emotionally.
This is how Livlig53 came about as an idea in 2020 and pursues a simple mission:
Combining authenticity with a unique style, sustainability and pragmatism.
The Danish word LIVLIG means joy of life and joy of life is what drives us! We can identify 100% with the product world of Livlig53 and live out our passion for design, sustainability and "simply authentic living". 53 is a number that sets things in motion and moves things forward. And this is exactly how we see ourselves and our brand.
In the development of our range, we attach great importance to high-quality and sustainable materials in order to create a natural and comfortable lifestyle. We want to inspire with quality, style and warmth and look forward to winning you over as a long-term customer.