Livlig53 Pflanzwerkzeuge Pflanzstütze aus Holz
Livlig53 Pflanzwerkzeuge Pflanzstütze aus Holz
Livlig53 Pflanzwerkzeuge Pflanzstütze aus Holz

Plant support made of wood

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Do you love authentic gardens? Do you design your garden with great attention to detail?

Then you are exactly right with us. We have a selected collection of functional and at the same time very beautiful garden products.


Plants need support in their young life, so our practical and natural set of 20 m jute twine and 50 bamboo sticks (size 30 cm) is ideal for gently and practically tying plants. Our plant supports are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The jute cord can be easily cut to the right size with our thread or vintage scissors and attached to the bamboo sticks and other climbing aids.

For the sake of the environment, OwnGrown does not use plastic and only uses natural, plant-friendly material. The untreated wood can get slightly damp in the ground, this is completely natural and does not affect the stable hold.

Product information

  • 20 meters of jute twine and 50 bamboo plant sticks (30 cm).
  • Supports the healthy growth of seedlings, climbing plants and young plants
  • For use in the garden, balcony and house

Why Livlig53?

Livlig53 combines quality and design. We are always looking for that certain something and offer you special products that you will not find in stores. We are convinced of our products and hope to convince you too. If this is not the case, you can return the products to us unused within 30 days.

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