Sauna & Spa Set Waffle Ziegelrot
Saunahandtuch Waffle
Sauna & Spa Set Waffle Ziegelrot
Sauna & Spa Set Waffle Ziegelrot

Sauna Towel & Spa Set Waffle Brick Red

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Are you a sauna lover like us? This wonderful set includes a clay-washed Turkish towel, a handmade natural cocoa butter soap and a goat hair bath glove. A great gift for all occasions. The nourishing and caring properties of nature have been combined in this sauna set and packed in a great natural jute bag.

Pestemal towels have been an integral part of Turkish bathing tradition for centuries. Today, these towels are very popular not only because of their practical thin and light nature, but also because of their amazing colors and patterns that make them particularly remarkable.
They are ideal for the sauna and hammam and are increasingly used for various occasions, such as headscarves, beach towels and yoga mats.

Madeathand is our partner from Amsterdam, who puts together carefully selected collections of handmade sauna towels. The towels are manufactured in Turkey, where the hammam culture originated. Experts are at work here.
Madeathand's products are made with 100% Turkish cotton, root dye, natural materials and Fairtrade production processes.

Product Information
- 100% Cotton Handwoven Turkish Towel/ Peshtemal/ Sauna Towel (75cm x180cm- 450gr)
- Handmade Natural Cocoa Butter Soap (100gr)
- Goat hair bath glove
- Burlap sack


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My better half discovered this hose and I'll be honest, actually I would have wanted to buy a normal hose from the hardware store. I have to say I'm really excited now. Quality 1A and in the end the attribute "manufactured in Germany" also convinced me.

Visually and functionally great

The garden hose immediately looks a little different in color than the usual hose from the hardware store. The quality is high, the garden hose is made from recycled material. The production is in Germany, which is another selling point.

Higher price for fair and environmentally friendly - it's worth it!
Mike Mandery