Livlig53 Schneidebretter Tapasbrett I Servierbrett

Large tapas board I serving board

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¡Buen provecho! On our wonderful tapas board made of warm mango wood, you can serve your guests small delicacies and imagine yourself in a Spanish bodega. In addition to tapas, you can serve or decorate anything on this natural serving board. A real all-rounder and a must-have for great garden parties!

product information

  • Dimensions: 76cm x 12cm x 2cm
  • wonderful mango wood

Why Livlig53?

Livlig53 combines quality and design. We are always looking for that certain something and offer you special products that you will not find in stores. We are convinced of our products and hope to convince you too. If this is not the case, you can return the products to us unused within 30 days.


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My better half discovered this hose and I'll be honest, actually I would have wanted to buy a normal hose from the hardware store. I have to say I'm really excited now. Quality 1A and in the end the attribute "manufactured in Germany" also convinced me.

Visually and functionally great

The garden hose immediately looks a little different in color than the usual hose from the hardware store. The quality is high, the garden hose is made from recycled material. The production is in Germany, which is another selling point.

Higher price for fair and environmentally friendly - it's worth it!
Mike Mandery