We love what we do
Livlig53 is a young label from Bavaria. Inspired by nature, the Scandinavian lifestyle, personal affinity and love for beautiful things, we dedicate ourselves with great passion to the topics garden, terrace and balcony.

Our goal is to design functional, but at the same time beautiful products for the outdoor area and offer them to you online. A beautiful home, a place where you feel good, we want to contribute with our products. Livlig53 has fair prices and a high demand for quality and uniqueness.
Our mission
Combining authenticity with a unique style, sustainability and pragmatism. The Danish word LIVLIG means joy of life. 53 is a number that sets things in motion
in motion and moves things forward. And that's exactly how we see ourselves and our brand. In the development of our Livlig53 range, great emphasis is placed on high-quality and sustainable materials to create a natural and cozy lifestyle.

Products that inspire through quality and
functionality, give long-term pleasure and are manufactured in a resource-saving way 
manufactured. This is what we stand for.

Long life

Is the focus of our material
in the focus of our material selection. Materials such as brass and steel are durable and of high quality.

We also produce our EDEN hose collection with diagonal reinforcement, which is particularly robust and resistant.


For all our products, we always pay attention to lean packaging and short delivery routes.

Whenever possible, we use recycled materials. Our garden hoses, for example, consist of 60% recycled materials, which are obtained directly from the production.


Our hose production is located in Germany.

This not only avoids long transport routes and keeps emission values low, but also guarantees
emissions are kept low, but also the demanding quality control of the products can be guaranteed at all times.

Feel free to contact us

If you have any questions about us or our products, feel free to send us an email to support@livlig53.com or use our contact form.