Livlig53 Gartenwerkzeuge Kleine Gartenschere
Livlig53 Gartenwerkzeuge Kleine Gartenschere
Livlig53 Gartenwerkzeuge Kleine Gartenschere

Small secateurs

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Do you love authentic gardens?
Do you design your garden with great attention to detail?
Then you are exactly right with us. We have a selected collection of functional and at the same time very beautiful garden products.


These are the ideal scissors when it comes to smaller cutting jobs in the kitchen, home and garden. Thanks to its generous handles, it lies well in the hand and enables precise work without signs of fatigue. It is beautiful to look at and makes a great decorative element.

Our scissors are handcrafted and forged in Vietnam. Each pair of scissors is unique and something very special.

Product Information

  • Handmade in Vietnam
  • Rubber grip in black
  • Total length: 130-160mm
  • Cutting edge: 30-40mm
  • Weight: 80-95g

Care instructions

Our scissors are real handicrafts from small blacksmith families in Vietnam. They are unique and made with love.

Please note - the scissors are delivered to you lightly oiled. This is because the oil protects the scissors from rust before they are used for the first time. Simply clean the scissors with washing-up liquid or a damp cloth and off you go.

Why Livlig53?

Livlig53 combines quality and design. We are always looking for that certain something and offer you special products that you will not find in stores. We are convinced of our products and hope to convince you too. If this is not the case, you can return the products to us unused within 30 days.

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