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Livlig53 is an online concept store for garden, balcony and patio lovers who love the symbiotic combination of quality & design, uncompromisingly value style and authenticity and have an eye for that certain something. We offer a select and unique collection of products that make your outdoor life and gardening more enjoyable.

The highlight is our hose collection EDEN - design garden hoses for watering your wonderful gardens & terraces.

Design renaissance of the garden hose

In the development of our hose collection EDEN, we have placed great emphasis on the combination of function & design. We give the garden hose a new image and help it to become a piece of jewelry in the garden. So to speak an accessory, which can and should be presented with pride. Since we also want to make our contribution to a more conscious & better way of life, our hoses are produced in Germany, 60% recycled material and phthalate-free.

Unique color collection

Gentle Greige

This garden hose combines stunning color with the softness of its appearance. Conscious garden happiness in perfection.

Romantic Rose

Has a gentle, feminine appearance, but can become a real eye-catcher in the garden depending on the combination and environment.

Beautiful Berry

This beauty has a fine and noble berry tone, which in combination with gold experiences its royal appearance. Suitable for all flower lovers.

Graceful Green

This design garden hose shines in a graceful green, which is reminiscent of an oasis of rural garden happiness with its harmonious color tone.


Cool blue in a subtle appearance. This environmentally friendly beauty impresses with its multifaceted nature and Nordic understatement.

Authentic Anthracite

This timeless beauty leaves all possibilities open and with its clear anthracite fits perfectly into a modern and sustainable home.



Our hose pot is not only pretty to look at, but also offers protection for your hose.

Your garden helpers

Gartenhelfer, Kniekissen, Gartengeräte, Livlig53
garden tools
The ideal companions for all that wonderful gardening that needs to be done.
Gartenhelfer, Kniekissen, Gartengeräte, Livlig53
knee pad
A must have for those who like to do gardening on their knees.

Linen Collection

Leinenkollektion, Brotkorb, Livlig53
linen textiles
Wonderful linen products for a richly laid table - Made in Europe.
To the collection
Decke, XXL Decke, Livlig53, Leinen
XXL linen blanket
A blanket for the whole family to snuggle under together.
Livlig53 Geschenkgutschein

Livlig53 Geschenkgutschein

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Mache deinen Liebsten eine Freude und verschenke unsere Gutscheine. Ein Geschenk, was immer passt und jede Gartenliebhaberin und jeden Gartenliebhaber eine Freude macht.

Conscious garden irrigation

Conscious garden irrigation is an important step in reducing our water requirements and protecting our environment. You should be on one
garden hose made in Germany. This has a higher quality and durability than other models. In combination with a garden hose made from recycled material, you are doing everything right. Regardless of which hose you choose, watering your garden is important
efficiently and only when necessary.

Nice garden hoses

A beautiful garden hose is not just a practical one
Helpers, but also an enrichment for your garden. A quality hose in beautiful colors can enhance the look of your garden and make it a place to express your personality. However, a garden hose should not only look good, but also be functional. Therefore, our water hoses are Made in Germany, durable and flexible. The Livlig53 garden hose is an indispensable tool for watering the garden.

garden design

The design of a garden is today more and more a holistic task that takes into account all aesthetic as well as functional dimensions. In order to achieve an attractive and practical design of your garden, it is important to use high-quality garden tools and accessories. You can achieve the aesthetics of the garden, for example, with decorative planters, garden furniture and lighting. Careful selection of design elements can help transform the garden into an oasis of calm and relaxation.

Lifestyle products in the garden

The garden is not only a place for growing flowers and vegetables, but also an oasis of relaxation and rest. For us, both are essential and that is why we have set ourselves the goal of addressing the topic of lifestyle in the garden and offering you wonderful products for gardening and garden irrigation. Together with us you can make your garden a stylish and unique place where your personality is expressed. With Livlig53 everyday objects get a new image.